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hurmmmm........inspired by yip pin xiu

  • Sep. 17th, 2008 at 6:21 PM
perfect 8
ohhhh myyyy gooodddnnneeessss!!!
im a stalker!

and i accidentally deleted all the notes, meetings, birthday reminders in my phone....
i thought "delete all notes" meant all notes for that 1 day only!!!
but everything in all the other months are gone!!! wah lauuu

so if ur birthday is nearing and i didn't get u anything, u know why...

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September 15, 2008 Monday, 09:29 PM
Sim Chi Yin follows Paralympians Pin Xiu and Theresa at their swimming heats.


In Beijing

Singapore swimmer Yip Pin Xiu lowers herself from the wheelchair and into the water with swim team manager Danny Ong's help.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Watched over by swim team manager Danny Ong, Pin Xiu positions her goggles with her permanently-clenched fingers before she lowers herself from the wheelchair, into the water.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Pin Xiu flips into the water on her back once swim her team manager lets go of her wrists in the heats.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Pin Xiu propels her way to a second world record in three days in the 50m backstroke (S3). She lopped 3 seconds off her world previous world record of 1:00.80 with a new time of 57.92, fininshing first among 10 swimmers.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Singapore swim team manager Danny Ong holds swimmer Yip Pin Xiu as she gets back into her wheelchair after smashing her own world record in the 50m backstroke (S3) heats.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Singapore swim team manager Danny Ong tells Pin Xiu to look up in the stands where her parents are after she smashed her own world record. Pin Xiu, 16, lets out a wide grin and waves with her permanently-clenched fingers shortly after.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Singapore swimmer Theresa Goh looks up at the scoreboard to check out the timings of her opponents in the first of two heats for the 50m freestyle (S5) before surprising everyone but her coach by swimming her favoured breaststroke instead of the faster front crawl in her last race at these Games.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin

Finishing second last among 14 swimmers, almost all of whom did the front crawl, Theresa did not qualify for the finals. Coach Ang Peng Siong had asked her to swim the breaststroke to help her regain her confidence and correct her technique after she was disappointed last Friday when she narrowly missed the bronze in her pet 100m breaststroke (SB4) event. She finished in 53.67 seconds, about 1 second short from the world record of 52.62 seconds she set during the 4th ASEAN Para Games held in January this year.
ST Photo: Sim Chi Yin


'You give us hope,' Singapore Disability Sports Council president Tan Ju Seng told a quiet and humble Pin Xiu after the race. source

She gave us a gold and a silver medal and yes, a whole lot of hope and inspiration.
An inspiration that weighs heavier than the medals in total.

A made in Sg, trained in Sg, 100% Sg effort! 
Excellent job girl!!! I'm so proud, I'm about to burst!!
So happy, so proud but also a little sad.
Sad 'coz muscular dystrophy is degenerative.
I don't think I'd be strong enough to do the same thing if I were to suffer from it.

Her fighting spirit and tenacity have definitely touched many many MANY pple.
My heart goes out to her and I'm cheering her on for London 2012! By then her condition reportedly would have stabilized.

And even though Theresa Goh came home empty handed, we see the effort. Jia you!!

Suddenly all the nonsense with the swim team seem so minute.
Seriously, what the hell happened?


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